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We have proudly delivered exceptional statistical services on a range of distinguished projects that showcase our expertise and commitment to excellence:

Examining Dysregulated Arginine Metabolism in Treated HIV Infection:

Our comprehensive statistical services supported this study's goal of understanding the role of dysregulated arginine metabolism in HIV-related cardiovascular disease. Leveraging our expertise in randomized controlled trials (RCTs) and statistical analytics, we successfully explored complex mediation effects on endpoints, contributing to valuable study outcomes.

Investigating the Impact of GLP-1 Receptor Agonists on Cardiometabolic Alterations in HIV-Associated Lipohypertrophy: Our study aimed to assess the efficacy of semaglutide treatment for lipohypertrophy in HIV patients, while also exploring its downstream metabolic and cardiovascular effects. We conducted the study by utilizing a standard two-arm randomized controlled clinical trial. By providing comprehensive statistical analyses, we generated crucial insights into this complex relationship.

Unveiling Lipidome Composition, Immune Activation, and Subclinical Vascular Disease in Adolescents with Perinatally Acquired HIV in Uganda: With our full statistical support, we examined the unique lipid drivers that contribute to immune activation and potentially exacerbate subclinical vascular disease in individuals with perinatally acquired HIV. Our meticulous analysis provided valuable insights into this important area of research.

Uncovering Confounders in the Epidemiology of Dialysis Trials (UNCONFINED):

Utilizing cutting-edge statistical methodologies, empowered by recent advancements in computational power, we provided unbiased estimates of the effect of dialysis dose versus patient-specific factors in determining mortality. Our expertise enabled the accurate evaluation of confounding factors, enhancing the validity of dialysis trials.

Profiling the Effects of Intermittent Hypoxia on Retinopathy of Prematurity:

In this project, our objective was to quantify changes in oxygen saturation and correlate them with the likelihood of retinopathy of prematurity requiring surgery in a premature infant population. Through rigorous statistical analysis, we shed light on the impact of intermittent hypoxia on this critical medical condition.

Investigating the Role of Zinc in HIV Inflammation:

We provided comprehensive and critical statistical support to this project, which aimed to examine the effects of zinc supplements on HIV-infected individuals receiving antiretroviral therapy (ART). Our analyses delved into the association between zinc deficiency/concentration and key factors such as inflammation, monocyte activation, gut integrity, and insulin resistance, contributing to a comprehensive understanding of the topic.


These projects exemplify our company's unwavering dedication to delivering exceptional statistical expertise and making significant contributions to diverse areas of research. With our meticulous analyses, advanced methodologies, and commitment to scientific rigor, we continue to be a trusted partner in providing invaluable statistical support to groundbreaking studies.

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